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GE100037 pAAVS1-Cas9-Puro-DNR Cas9 expression vector in AAVS1 donor vector, puromycin selection (10 ug) ¥3420 2-3周 Add to Shopping Cart

Cas9 in AAVS1-Puro donor vector

  • CMV-Cas9 and PGK-Puro in AAVS1 donor vector.
  • Contains AAVS1 left and right homologous sequences (550 bp each side)
  • CMV-Cas9 and PGK-Puro cassette can be integrated into human AAVS1 site when cotransfected with?pCas-guide-AAVS1
  • When transfected into cells alone, can be used as regular Cas9 mammalian expression vector
  • Download vector sequence


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