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OriGene shRNA Recent Citations

RNA interference-mediated in vivo silencing of FasL as a strategy for the enhancement of DNA vaccine potency, Human Gene Therapy. August 2008, 19(8): 763-773 [sh-Luc(in vivo application)]

Suppression of Sproutys Has a Therapeutic Effect for a Mouse Model of Ischemia by Enhancing Angiogenesis, Koji Taniguchi, Ken-ichiro Sasaki, Kousuke Watari, Hideo Yasukawa, Tsutomu Imaizumi, Toranoshin Ayada, Fuyuki Okamoto, Takuma Ishizaki,Reiko Kato,Ri-ichiro Kohno,Hiroshi Kimura,Yasufumi Sato,Mayumi Ono,Yoshikazu Yonemitsu,and Akihiko Yoshimura, PLoS ONE. 2009; 4(5): e5467 [Spry4(in vivo application)]

MicroRNA-98 and let-7 Confer Cholangiocyte Expression of Cytokine-Inducible Src Homology 2-Containing Protein in Response to Microbial Challenge, J. Immunol., Aug 2009; 183: 1617 - 1624 [CISH]

[6]-Gingerol Suppresses Colon Cancer Growth by Targeting Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase, Cancer Res., Jul 2009; 69: 5584 - 5591 [LTA4H]

Breast Cancer Migration and Invasion Depend on Proteasome Degradation of Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 4, Cancer Res., Jul 2009; 69: 5743 - 5751. [RGS4]

DNA damage-induced phosphorylation of TRF2 is required for the fast pathway of DNA double-strand break repair, Mol. Cell. Biol., Jul 2009; 29: 3597 - 3604 [TRF2]

Dual regulation of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA1) receptor signalling by Ral and GRK, Cellular Signalling, Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2009, Pages 1207-1217 [RALa]

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OriGene开发了一系列的标签抗体产品,用于更好地检测和纯化带标签的、由Precision Shuttle Vector系统编码的蛋白。 全部标签抗体均为鼠单克隆抗体,并且进行了大量的验证工作,以确保抗体在多种实验中的使用效果。

Fluorescent Protein Tag
eGFP tGFP mCherry tdTomato More FP Tags
Tag Description Applications SKU Size Price  
ZsGreen1 Mouse monoclonal ZsGreen1 antibody, clone OTI2C2, HRP conjugated WB TA183000 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
ZsYellow1 Mouse monoclonal ZsYellow1 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183001 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
DsRed2 Mouse monoclonal DsRed2 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183002 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
Timer Mouse monoclonal Timer antibody, clone OTI3C9, HRP conjugated WB TA183003 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
tdTomato Mouse monoclonal tdTomato antibody, HRP conjugated WB 1:1000 TA183004 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
AcGFP1 Mouse monoclonal AcGFP1/PS-CFP2 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183005 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
DsRed-Express2 Mouse monoclonal DsRed-Express2 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183006 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mCherry Mouse monoclonal mCherry antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183007 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mRaspberry Mouse monoclonal mRaspberry/AmCyan1 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183008 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mBanana Mouse monoclonal mBanana antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183009 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mStrawberry Mouse monoclonal mStrawberry antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183010 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
eRFP Mouse monoclonal eRFP antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183011 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mOrange Mouse monoclonal mOrange/mOrange2 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183012 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
eCFP Mouse monoclonal eCFP antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183013 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mPlum Mouse monoclonal mPlum antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183014 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mGFP Mouse monoclonal mGFP/mCFP/mYFP/KillerRed antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183015 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
DsRed-Monomer Mouse monoclonal DsRed-Monomer antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183016 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
E2-Crimson Mouse monoclonal E2-Crimson?antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183017 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mKate Mouse monoclonal mKate antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183018 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mBFP Mouse monoclonal mBFP antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183019 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
mRFP Mouse monoclonal mRFP antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183020 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
Dendra2 Mouse monoclonal Dendra2 antibody, HRP conjugated WB 1:1000 TA183021 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
AsRed2 Mouse monoclonal AsRed2 antibody, HRP conjugated WB TA183022 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
tGFP Mouse monoclonal tGFP antibody (clone OTI2H8), HRP conjugated WB TA150043 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
eGFP Mouse monoclonal eGFP antibody, clone OTI5A2, HRP conjugated WB TA183051 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
Myc 9E10, Anti-Myc tag monoclonal antibody, HRP WB TA150054 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
DDK (FLAG) Clone OTI4C5, Anti-DDK (FLAG) Monoclonal antibody, HRP WB TA150030 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
HA HA mouse monoclonal antibody, clone CB051, HRP conjugated WB TA183050 100ul ¥3021 Add to Shopping Cart
* For bulk antibody package, please contact Tech Support
** Peptide sequence of the DDK-tag (Flag®): N-DYKDDDDK-C; Flag®is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich.

Features of OriGene Antitag Antibodies

  • 4C5 Anti-DDK Antibody

    OriGene`s anti-tag antibodies are developed with high standards of production procedure and validation. For example, 4C5 anti-DDK antibody is generated to detect the DYKDDDDK epitope (same epitope as Flag®. This antibody has been verified for Western blot, immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence and flow cytometry. Other features include:

    • Higher sensitivity and specificity compared to other vendors` anti-flag antibodies
    • Can be used to purify recombinant proteins with high purities and yields
    • Can also be used to detect recombinant proteins with low expression levels

    4C5 anti-DDK antibody has already been applied to

    • Validate the recombinant protein expression from more than 15,000 OriGene TrueORF cDNA clones and VERIFY overexpression lysates
    • Purify more than 5,000 human recombinant proteins from HEK293 cells
    • Purify immunogens under native conditions for the development of TrueMAB antibodies
    AntiDDK DDK Comparison Image

    4C5 anti-DDK monoclonal antibody (TA50011) showed higher sensitivity in the side-by-side comparison with M2 monoclonal antibody from vendor S. Both antibodies were used at 1:2000 dilution against same sample (TP53) dilutions.

  • 2H8 Anti-tGFP Antibody

    2H8 anti-tGFP is another commonly used antibody against the fluorescent tag protein. tGFP (turbo GFP) is an improved variant of GFP (green fluorescent protein) with bright green fluorescence, high pH-stability and photostability. The fast appearance of bright fluorescence of tGFP is critical for the applications of cell labeling, organelle labeling and promoter activity tracking. tGFP is used as an expression tag for OriGene's TrueORF cDNA clones (catalog numbers RG2xxxxx & MG2xxxxx).


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