PE Conjugation Kit-100

CAT#: AR100084

PE Conjugation kit for 100mg IgG

Size: 200 ug 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg 100 mg

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CNY 275,500.00


    • 100 mg

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Description PE Conjugation kit for 100mg IgG
Overview PE conjugation kit includes all reagents needed to conjugate the stated amount of IgG at an RPE:IgG ratio of 1:1. The resulting conjugates have been shown to be extremely stable, retaining nearly 100% activity after storage for 2 months at 41°C.
  • Liquid-based reagents -No reconstitution, just Mix and Go!
  • Completely scaleable- Conjugate anywhere from 0.1 to 1 gram IgG per reaction.
  • Supplies sufficient activated RPE to conjugate all IgG at a 1:1 RPE:IgG ratio.
  • Highly efficient RPE incorporation – conjugate purification not usually necessary.
  • Customize the RPE:IgG ratio to create optimized conjugates for different applications.
  • Conjugates have greatly improved stability vs Lightning-Link™ and other common chemistries.
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