慢病毒元件盒包含三个主要功能元件, shRNA,嘌呤霉素筛选标记和tGFP报告基因

shRNA 慢病毒载体信息

pGFP-C-shLenti vector

  • 第三代慢病毒载体系统
  • 原核表达系统氯霉素抗性标记
  • 5’LTR 和 3’LTR之间有三个主要功能元件:可包装为慢病毒颗粒并转导到多种细胞系
    1. shRNA 表达原件位于U6启动子之后
    2. 哺乳动物系统嘌呤霉素筛选标记
    3. tGFP作为报告基因

The shRNA expression cassette

  • 29mer hairpin with a 7bp loop.
  • U6 driven expression
  • A Pol III termination sequence (TTTTTT) immediately downstream of the hairpin.
  • The gene-specific shRNA cassette is sequence-verified to ensure its match to the target gene.

OriGene also has another Lentiviral shRNA vector, pRFP-CB-shLenti

pGFP-C-shLenti vector map


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