Lenti Vectors

Lenti vectors were derived from HIV1 virus to delivery genes into almost all cells with high efficiency. OriGene’s Lentiviral vectors are The 3rd generation, safe and easy to use.

Lenti vectors for cDNA/ORF cloning

There are many lenti vectors for cDNA cloning with various tags, different expression promoters or different mammalian selection markers.

  • Epitope tags for protein detections and purification
  • Fluorescent protein tags for visualization
  • Different promoters to choose for better gene expression in your cell type
  • Various drug-selectable markers for stable cell selection

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Lenti vectors for shRNA cloning

Three major functional elements within the LTR region which can be packaged to lentiviral particles and transduced to almost all cells.

  • shRNA expression cassette under U6 promoter
  • Puromycin resistant for mammalian cell selection
  • tGFP or tRFP gene as reporter.
Vector Name SKU Description Reporter Cell Selection Availability Manual
pGFP-C-shLenti TR30023 HuSH Lenti shRNA GFP vector GFP Puro In Stock
pRFP-CB-shLenti TR30032 HuSH Lenti shRNA RFP vector RFP BSD In Stock
pGFP-C-shLenti Scramble TR30021 Non-effective 29-mer scrambled shRNA cassette in pGFP-C-shLenti Vector GFP Puro In Stock
pRFP-CB-shLenti Scramble TR30033 Non-effective 29-mer scrambled shRNA cassette in p-RFP-CB-shLenti Vector RFP BSD In Stock

Lenti vectors for CRISPR

  • Expresses human codon-optimized Cas9, C-terminal Myc-DDK tagged
  • BamH I and BsmB I can be used for genomic target sequence cloning
  • gRNA expression driven by U6 promoter

Product Name SKU Description Availability Manual
pLenti-Cas-Guide Cloning Kit GE100009 Precut pLenti-Cas-Guide cloning kit (10 RXNs), GE100007 and GE100008 included. In Stock
pLenti-Cas-Guide GE100010 pLenti-Cas-Guide vector (with Cas9 expression) for genomic target sequence cloning (10 µg), GE100008 included. In Stock

GE100010 VectorImages
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Lenti Accessories

Lenti ORF Lenti shRNA Packaging Kit LentiTran Control Particles Concentrator Lenti Titer Kit Stabilizer