如果您需要过表达cDNA产品,我们将是您正确的选择。25年专注于研发值得客户信赖的表达克隆,OriGene 已经研发拥有超过100万种cDNA。我们质粒库不仅仅是由于覆盖面广,更是由于高品质而被客户认可。此外,对于难转染细胞和原代细胞,我们可以提供慢病毒类型质粒和慢病毒颗粒产品。

  • 广泛的基因覆盖度: 广泛覆盖人,小鼠,大鼠,病毒等
  • 可直接表达: 哺乳动物表达载体或者慢病毒载体
  • 可直接转染: 提供转染级干粉质粒
  • 随意切换载体: 超过100种表达载体
  • 慢病毒系统: 高效的基因运输工具
  • 客户认可与大量文献应用: 产品获得众多客户认可,有众多高分 文献引用(查看)
  • 客户定制构建: 可根据要求提供客户定 制构建服务(查看)

10ug Advantage

Customer Reviews

"We are a loyal local customer of OriGene and we always get reliable results from using their expression plasmids."

Review by J.S.

CiPA Lab

"Origene had the exact clone we needed."

Review by M.B.

University of Pennsylvania

"Origene products are easy to use and customer service is super helpful! I've always got helped when I encountered a problem. Thank you."

Review by T.T.

University of Michigan

"What I like about the Origene wesbsite was that the chat line usually directs me to the right person to ask questions -- who not only answers my questions, but will provide the quote, and good to follow up on the progress, etc."

Review by R.A.

Case Western Reserve University

"Good quality, fast turnaround time, reasonable pricing with a vast selection"

Review by J.Z.

BC Cancer Research Centre

"I really trust OriGene's cloning service!"

Review by A.C.

Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai

"Our lab is a frequent customer."

Review by P.B.

George Washington University, School of Medicine

"The technical support was great with good response time."

Review by L.M.

Center for Disease Control

"All products have been great or quickly exchanged."

Review by K.P.

University of Toledo-HSC

"Good variety of clones with good choice of labels"

Review by M.B.

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

"We have been using OriGene for the last five years. The plasmids are amazing"

Review by S.K.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

"Excellent quality and affordable price"

Review by K.P.

St. Johns University


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